Pent up anger

Getting it out

Not caring who hears

Feeling better

Or not



They’re listening

Not who you want to be




March 2, 2017

Dare I say it out loud?  Have we reached success just when we thought it wasn’t possible?  She has jingled the bell with her nose, the door opens, and she goes out and……does her business!  And this has happened multiple times!  Am I jinxing it by saying it out loud?

I was beginning to think we had made a terrible mistake.  Why would be add a puppy to an already busy household?  We already had a two-year old yellow lab.  And Charlie is a wonderful dog who is so gentle with the kids  and everyone he meets.  Wouldn’t we be tempting fate with another dog?  After our bad experiences with dogs, do we take a chance AGAIN?  Why couldn’t we be content with one?

But I caved.  Me, the only logical one in the conversation. The only one who was saying, no, we are not getting another dog.  I caved.  I melted.  I said yes.

So Miss Luna enters our world.  Slept through those first nights.  Wow, I thought, she is great.  Charlie took forever to sleep through the night.  She knew how to sleep through the night but she couldn’t seem to find the front door!  She peed.  She peed without any warning.  She peed anywhere and everywhere.  She pooped for the most part, outside.  But she peed whenever or where ever she pleased.  She was not even cute anymore.  She was just a pee mess.  And I was regretting “our” decision and my angry at myself for caving.

But then one day she starts ringing the bell on the door and going outside and peeing where dogs are supposed to pee.  Just like that.

Now to stop the “too excited” drips.

March 1, 2017

Day 1 of 31.  That statement makes this endeavor daunting. Maybe I should say Day 31 of Day 31 and count down.  The little tricks we can play with our mind- just to make “things” or “it” a little easier.  So- I am taking on the 31 days of writing challenge. Why?  A couple of reasons.  The first reason is to become a better teacher of writing.  How can I teach something that I do not experience?  How can I actually feel the dread of the blank page that the students feel if I do not have that same experience or that same dread?  I want to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

The second reason I am taking up this challenge is because I need to get out of my comfort zone.  Our habits become us.  My habits of late are not.. what I would say?  Not what I would like to become.  I want to be productive.  Writing could be productive.

Writing could be eye opening.  Writing could be soothing.  Writing could be…  Day 1 of 31. Completed.