Jenga in the Fridge

Recently every time my son would go into the refrigerator, something would fall out. He would blame someone or something for his misfortune.  Then he would unwillingly clean up the mess.

I realize our fridge needs some cleaning and straightening.  We are a family of seven so most often our refrigerator is bursting; especially after a grocery run.  You would think we would never have leftovers but I have seemed to learn how to cook for a crowd.  And so a crowd is who I cook for. And leftovers we have.  Patience is the key but patience isn’t in Frank’s blood.

I was in the kitchen tonight and saw Frank grabbing the pickles out of the refrigerator for his third nighttime snack.  He treated the fridge like a jenga game.  He whipped open the fridge. He surveyed the scene. He eyed his targets and slowly pulled out the pickle jar. The Tupperware of meatballs and mashed potatoes teetered….. but stayed. He won this round


2 thoughts on “Jenga in the Fridge”

  1. This sounds like our fridge, except there are only two of us! But I know how to skillfully pull containers and jars from the shelves without moving a thing! Your post makes me think it may be time to clean it out!


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