It’s official.

It is official.  I sent in the deposit for college.  My baby is leaving!  (But according to the others, I only care for the youngest.. but that is another post.)  It really doesn’t seem possible that these 18 years have gone by.  I don’t feel that old, for one.  To top it off, she will be a camp counselor this summer so as of June 1 she’ll be gone.  So really? Only three months left with her?!

They say you’ll be ready for them to leave.  I am secretly hoping after her summer away at camp, she’ll change her mind.  There are great colleges around here.  But that is a secret selfish thought.

I am proud of her independence.  I am proud of her courage.  I am proud of her initiative.  I am proud of who she has become and who she will be.  Why would I want to limit that potential?  So, I will enjoy her these next three months.. and then I will miss her.


2 thoughts on “It’s official.”

  1. Oh my gosh, this is huge! I can’t imagine the emotions you must be feeling. But your strength and confidence in her will likely go a long way in the transition. Thanks for sharing this slice 🙂


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