March 1, 2017

Day 1 of 31.  That statement makes this endeavor daunting. Maybe I should say Day 31 of Day 31 and count down.  The little tricks we can play with our mind- just to make “things” or “it” a little easier.  So- I am taking on the 31 days of writing challenge. Why?  A couple of reasons.  The first reason is to become a better teacher of writing.  How can I teach something that I do not experience?  How can I actually feel the dread of the blank page that the students feel if I do not have that same experience or that same dread?  I want to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

The second reason I am taking up this challenge is because I need to get out of my comfort zone.  Our habits become us.  My habits of late are not.. what I would say?  Not what I would like to become.  I want to be productive.  Writing could be productive.

Writing could be eye opening.  Writing could be soothing.  Writing could be…  Day 1 of 31. Completed.


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